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Let us start from the enter- in other words from the doorkeeper))
Начнем со входа – то есть от швейцара )))

Doorkeeper- Oleg Sharipovich.

Agree that when you hear his name and patronymic name you want to draw yourself up your full height, to click your heels and like retread of Imperial Army to greet him by nod. Poise, elegance, exclusiveness of our salon are rolled in one!

What an executions he is running…And who he helps to dress fur-coat on…you can feel yourself if not English queen, but inherited princess at least –that is for sure!!!
Ana all this magnificence is on Tuesdays and Fridays on Parizhskoi Kommuny Str….
P.S. you will ask why Tuesdays and Fridays – at first, we were planning that Oleg Sharipovich would open and close the week, but…
1) Is the hard day.
2) The beauty week( like the moon calendar) has the right not to coincide with calendar one
THAT”S WHY- Tuesday and Friday)))