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Visiting of solarium in salon chain Shalena Krasa- is the most pleasant and safe way which allows uniform and beautiful tanning without any expensive trip to resorts.

This procedure becomes the most essential and irreplaceable in winter and inter-season. This time the artificial sun will become the real savior, because the benefit of dosed UV exposure is undeniable. Solarium will help to fill the organism with vitamin D that will have the healthy influence on immunity, metabolic activity and blood circulation.

We will take care of your visiting of solarium become the real pleasure for you!

To achieve the result you will be proud of, we offer the specialized solarium beauty treatment, which will help to get the desirable color and tan intensity and also to moisturize and protect skin.

You can tan purposefully or at odd times, during waiting for your turn to hair-dresser, cosmetician or manicurist. Only a few minutes a day, which you have spent in solarium, would make your skin smooth and beautiful, and transform you in a way that is beyond the scope for any stylist!

  • Cost per minute - 10 grn
  • Pads on breasts and moles - 3 grn

Solarium suntan products:

  • Tinted Tegyila - 25 grn
  • Perfect Lex - 25 grn