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Hydromassage and SPA-procedures

We accumulate fatigue and stress every day that will influence our health negatively. In order to restore beauty, health and relieve distress our salon chain «Shalena Krasa» and «Shalena Krasa v kvadrati» proposes Spa-procedures and hydromassage, which will become the real rescue for you.

SPA-procedures - is the complex of programs which are based on hydrotherapeutic procedures, healing herbs and therapeutic muds which are directed to health care and soul and body harmony achieving. Our salon chain offers Spa-procedures line:

  • Hydromassage
  • «Holiday extravaganza»
  • «Aromatic visage» by Guinot (France)

Hydromassage - is the unique procedure, which effectively combines water treatment, heat therapy and massage that guarantees visible results and extraordinary sensations.

Hydromassage and SPA has the health-maintaining effect, improves skin elasticity, tonifies walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and cell respiration, defuses muscle strain, has a relaxing effect, and shakes weariness off in a moment. These procedures will help you in your fight against cellulite, osteochondrosis, varicosity, neurosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia and many other diseases.

Hydro massage - is the intense influence on body with water jet which is under high pressure. Besides it is the harmonic influence of massage, water, moving and thermo therapy treatment, which gives the great results and the new feelings.

Hydro massage can be both general, when the influence is on the whole body and local, when water jets are directed on the separate areas. There are a lot of diseases which are treated by the influence of air and water jets, such as varicosity, rheumatism, arthritis, and cellulite; moreover the metabolism is improving, intestinal canal and digestion underway function is normalizing, edemas are removing, the joints activity is recovering, and the skin is filling up with oxygen and gets the healthy look. Hydro massage is good in weight loss, because during the procedure the blood circulation is stimulating, stress is removing, as well as toxins, the lymph efflux is improving, as a result «orange peel» is smoothing and removing.

  • Hydro massage – 327 grn
  • Hydro massage «Holiday extravaganza» – 647 grn
  • Vacuum hydro massage: 
    • per 5 minutes - 50 grn, 
    • per 10 minutes - 60 grn, 
  • Salt – 30 grn