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Gift sertificate


Honestly, we didn’t want…it’s a sales manager… « How it could be that a man has spent a half an hour on our site, and we still haven’t offered him anything to buy”

That’s why, not for filthy lucre, but merely at the wishes of our manager (and the accountant goes with him), some reasons why it is better to present men Shalena Krasa salon Gift Certificate on holiday, but not a nicely decorated package with socks and one- use shaving machine.

1. The Gift Certificate it is the beautiful appearance + the high mood all over the year.
The package with socks is the additional washing + « Have you seen the second one? » all the month. 
2. If you present Shalena Krasa salon Gift Certificate to your man, you can expect the same return present, at least.
After the package with socks you won’t expect anything at all…