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Warts and papilloma removal

Warts and papillomas appear in consequence of human papilloma virus influence, bringing not only discomfort and esthetic inconvenience, but is quite dangerous for health, growing papilloma can provoke carcinogenesis, bleeding.

Why it is necessary to remove warts?

Many people think that if wart doesn’t bother, it is not necessary to remove it, but this opinion is wrong. Doctors recommend removing even small neoplasms following not only the esthetic reasons, but much more serious reasons, being injured it can provoke bleeding, one can be easily infected, in addition the probability of viral shedding on the surrounding skin areas can appear.

However, you shouldn’t get involved in self-treatment and «granny’s methods», only the specialist can judge about wart character and the most appropriate way to remove it. You can consult the high-qualified dermatologist and also to remove wart or papilloma in salon chain « Shalena Krasa».

  • Single (1 piece) - 45 grn
  • Multiple (more than 5 pieces) - 30 grn
  • Recurrent wart cryodestruction - 30 grn