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Radiofrequency lifting (RF-lifting)

Radiofrequency lifting - is the perfect way to rejuvenate the face and body skin without operation, but the procedure effect is matching with plastic surgery wonders. The RF-lifting activity approach is in warming of derma and adipose tissue with the help of high-frequency current, as a result, the new collagen contacts are formed, which make skin to adhere toughly to muscles.

RF-lifting is passing absolutely painless and safely, you can feel only the pleasant warmth. The effect becomes obvious even after the first procedure, wrinkles are smoothed and your skin is getting firmer and young. This procedure is good that it doesn’t need any rehabilitation period, it means that your lifestyle won’t be disturbed.

Indications to Radiofrequency lifting procedure:

  • Mouth area wrinkles and nasolabial furrows
  • «Double» chin
  • Facial contour flagging
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite
  • After liposuction period
  • Belly loose skin after childbearing

Radiofrequency lifting:

  • RF Skin resurfacing, neck - 576 grn
  • RF Skin resurfacing - 478 grn
  • RF Décolleté rejuvenation - 297 grn
  • RF Hand rejuvenation - 207 grn
  • RF Belly loose skin treatment - 357 grn
  • RF Marrowbones sagginess treatment - 297 grn
  • RF Internal surface sagginess of forearm treatment - 297 grn