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Piercing presents the pierced skin area, where the jewels are worn. This type of body beautifying is getting more popular and the jewelry market and market of piercing materials is also growing, and it means that you will like something. You should definitely pay you attention to piercing, if you want to stick out and underline your individuality, if you want to get with it and, of course, if piercing is the epitome of beauty for you.

Many people suggest that piercing is painful, and that is why they refuse such desirable jewelry, but if you will put yourself in the experienced our salon master hands, you understand that it is not so. In addition you can attend the free consultation, in order to get to know all the peculiarities you are interested in and also to get the piece of advice as for the piercing type and piercing care from the professional.

  • Apparatus piercing ( earring cost is included in price) – 355 grn
  • Tragus, whorl piercing with ear gun – 205 grn
  • Earflap piercing with needle or ear gun with your earrings – 200 grn
  • Sterile medical alloy earrings, 1 pair – 100 grn
  • Temporary earring change on nostril - 30 grn
  • Belly-button piercing (anesthesia is included in price) – 405 grn
  • Piercing earrings, one piece – 100-400 grn