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Each skin cell passes its life cycle on, as a result, cells which had completed its duration, were changing by new ones. In addition the old cells are successfully disposing, transforming into keratic furfurs on the epidermis surface. However, because of the frequent stresses, lack of sleep and skin care, one can face the failure in this process and dead cells disposing can get worse. As a result, the surface horny layer is getting thicker, the new cells formation process is slowing down and the inner skin is badly regenerating.

The skin, being under the dead cells layer, begins just «to gasp», as an effect, we can observe the dim complexion, amyctic, and the early wrinkles.

That’s why our skin needs the weekly «cleaning», peeling is coping successfully with it.

The salon peelings are able to cope with the big amount of problems, such as skin relief alignment, complexion improving, skin elasticity, spots elimination, enlarged pores, wrinkles and cicatrixes.

  • Biophyto peeling – 174 grn
  • ABR peeling Holy Land – 485 grn
  • ABR peeling plus Holy Land - 697 grn
  • Salicylic peeling – 430 grn
  • glycolic peeling 70% - 374 grn
  • Yellow peeling + Salipeel – 950 grn
  • Microdermabrasion (Holy Land , Israel) - 440grn
  • Fruit acids ( Christina, Israel) – 297 grn
  • Almond peeling Mandelac (SesDderma, Spain) – 457 grn