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Facial massage

Facial massage is very important skin care component. The blood circulation is recovering during the procedure, as a result the skin color becomes smoother, the glow of health appears. In addition, the better blood circulation is , the more oxygen enters the muscles of expression, which helps to keep it up, as a result skin becomes smooth and elastic and it means that using massage only one can visibly rejuvenate his skin.

Massage indications

Facial massage gave a good account of being a skin laxity and adding prevention, skin creases and wrinkles appearance. The massage is put on for skin oval recovery and decreasing of so-called «Double chin», because of its capacity to work as the natural lifting. This procedure is also very useful in skin puffiness and obesity. Facial massage is successfully struggling with stress hormones, which induce acne symptoms and also ruin the skin protective barrier. Moreover, the massage procedure is making your emotional state better and it will make the healthy influence on your appearance.

  • Suprasonic massage – 267 grn
  • Eye contour area suprasonic massage – 217 grn
  • Beauty or plastic facial massage – 215 grn
  • Jake facial massage – 155 grn