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Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing - is a hygienic procedure, which is necessary for each skin type and age. Only the high-qualified beautician can undertake the procedure effectively and pain-free.

What is facial cleansing for?

In order to protect skin, and also to make it elastic oil glands produce special secretion, which contains lipids. However because of stress influence, hormonal, age-dependent and seasonal reasons the quantity of released biological skin fat can increase, which leads to stomas obstruction and comedones formation. Only the professional facial cleansing can help your skin to get rid of clogged pores.


The skin is cleansed of sebaceous plugs, black holes, wastes and toxins
Metabolic processes are stimulated
The cleansed pores begin « breath» actively and uptake liquid, the face relief and color is aligned
In order of defining the necessary kind of facial cleansing and also procedure periodicity, you can attend free consultation of beauty salons Shalena Krasa cosmeticians.

  • Classical facial cleansing - 370 grn
  • Suprasonic facial cleansing - 430 grn
  • Chemic facial cleansing with microdermabrasion - 565grn
  • facial cleansing with fruit acids - 545 grn
  • back cleansing and décolleté area cleansing- 400 grn
  • nose cleansing - 185 grn
  • Skin detoxication - 560 grn