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Starvac SP apparatus made a perfect showing among body shaping professionals, as the effective vacuum therapy and lymphatic drainage method. This apparatus is used in cellulite treatment,obesity, reflex therapy, muscular hypotonia, athletic injuries, burn injuries and colloidal scars, stretch marks, sagged skin due to weight loss, buns and abdominal wall sagging.

The skin line is being picked between apparatus rollers and rolling , activating lymph efflux and excreting liquid and toxins from intercellular spaces. Contemporary the mechanical lifting occurs, as the mechanical apparatus influence on muscles tones it up.


  • You will get the visible effect in a very short time
  • The opportunity to combine several influence methods, that allows to treat not only surface , but also old fibrous cellulite
  • Makes figure outline better
  • Remove skin elasticity 
  • Activates lipolysis and microcirculation processes
  • Removes spasms and chronic pain senses

Cost of the procedure:

  • 15 minutes - 155 grn
  • 20 minutes - 175 grn
  • 25 minutes - 185 grn
  • 30 minutes - 195 grn