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LPG Massage

LPG Lipomassage is the complex influence technology on soft tissues with the help of the special apparatus. You need diagnostics before the beginning of the procedure, which is conducted during the free consultation in our salon. The aim of such diagnostics is the revealing of milestones, the general characteristic of figure and also the choice of the problem areas for the detailed influence. There is the mechanical picking and fulling of skin lines, which is supported by vacuum during massage. This massage is for the whole body, the particular care is paying to the problem areas, as a result both effects are achieved, lymphatic drainage and local ant cellulite and fat-burning. In addition to that tissues get the maximum oxygen quantity during the procedure, that’ speeds the regenerative process up. In procedures the problem areas condition is getting much better, inside skin tissues the metabolism is accelerated, skin becomes elastic and smooth, edemas are removed, the blood vessels are strengthen, the organism is getting rid of slags and toxins. LPG massage- is the perfect discover for those who wants to keep fit.

  • Cost of the LPG Lipomassage procedure - 295 grn.